ATS Installation

ATS is the Automatic Transfer Switch that serves to moveresources from one program to the appropriate commands areexecuted automatically. ATS will automatically move the handle to the position of PLN electricity generators at padamse, so thegenerator can replace the role of PLN to supply electricity for thepowersource of the building / location. Furthermore, if the PLNreturned to normal, the ATS will automatically move the functionfrom source to source PLN generators and generator back willdie by itself, is not easy so we no need to bother to bother. turn on the generator, ATS panel will automatically activate the generatorand the generator will automatically pass through theposision
ATS charge transfer from the previous connection connectedwithPLN transferred automatically to the side generatorso theelectricity can be connected to the user side.

If you then return to normal PLN, the ATS task to restore its pathby moving the switch back to the primary side and then followedwithAMF duty to dismiss the diesel engine work, and so on all the control systems are controlled automatically run by itself.