Lightning Arrestor

Lightning Arrestor


The Indelec Prevectron Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor range is available in stainless steel version: central pickup rod, electrodes and housing. This version is particularly suited to corrosive environments.

The Prevectron2 Early Streamer Emission air terminal gathers energy from the naturally occurring ambient electrical field, which builds us considerably as much as several thousand volts per meter-when a storm approaches.

The lower series of energy collecting electrodes allows electrical energy to be stored within the triggering device. Just before the lightning strikes, there is a sudden and rapid increase in the electrical field and this is detected by the air terminal. 


  • Large choice of protection radii
  • Improved maximum effectiveness
  • Total Autonomy
  • Activates itself only when there is a risk of lightning
  • Permanent, single drop from the tip of the air terminal down to the earth
  • Reliability and sturdiness tested in both a high voltage laboratory by C.N.R.S (French National Scientific Research Center) and in real Life Lightning condition by the C.E.A (French Atomic Energy Commission).